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After purchasing a home, optimal security should be top-of-mind for homeowners who want to protect their investment and families.

New homeowners should evaluate their current security systems to identify vulnerabilities and determine the appropriate equipment necessary to address potential threats.

Here are six smart technology features you should look for, upgrade or install in your new home to ensure proper security from the moment you move in.

1. Video Surveillance

Strategically placed surveillance cameras enhance monitoring capabilities and help deter intruders. Evaluate where security cameras are currently installed and identify areas where additional cameras should be mounted. Make sure cameras are positioned to monitor the following areas:
• Front and back doors
• Garage
• Staircases
• Windows

These are common entry points that can provide easy access to your home if left unsecured. Video surveillance cameras may help homeowners identify who enters or exits their home, and allows them to view live footage 24 hours a day, as well as monitor activity on their property from any web-enabled device while they are away.

2. Smart Lights

Ensure there is adequate lighting around your property to ward off intruders who may otherwise use the dark to their advantage. Assess where lights have been installed, and add lights as needed to illuminate entry points such as windows, doors, walkways and staircases.
For added security, schedule smart lights in your home to make it appear as though someone is home at all times, or pair smart lights with sensors to turn on whenever motion is detected.

3. Monitored Alarm System

Verify that your home is monitored and protected in case of an emergency. Check if your security provider offers ongoing monitoring. If not, consider investing in a 24-hour monitoring service that sends real-time alerts when something is out of the ordinary and promptly dispatches emergency personnel when appropriate. If there is an existing system in your new home, look into how you can reactivate service. Monitoring centers offer protection in the case of:
• Attempted break-ins
• Fire
• Environmental hazards
• Triggered sensors or detectors

4. Environmental Hazard Monitoring

Evaluate whether or not you have the proper equipment in place to detect environmental hazards such as high carbon monoxide levels, fires or floods. If these devices are already in place, frequently change the batteries and conduct routine alarm checks to ensure they are functioning properly.

Environmental hazards can pose serious threats to your home and health if left undetected. Limit potential damage and enhance safety with the following equipment:
• Carbon monoxide detectors
• Water leak sensors
• Low temperature sensors
• Smoke detectors

5. Window and Glass Sensors

Many burglars gain access to homes through unlocked first-floor windows. Enhance the security of your new home by testing the locks on each entry point. If you are able to gain access to your home using little force, consider installing sensors that notify you when a window has been opened.

Additionally, ensure you are aware of a forced entry by installing glass-break sensors. Receive alerts when a window has been shattered, so you can respond to the situation quickly.

6. Smart Locks

Doors are one of the most common entry points for burglars. Test deadbolts to ensure they properly secure doors, since a faulty deadbolt could make it easy for intruders to gain access into your home.

For optimal security, install smart locks to secure doors and eliminate the need for a physical set of keys. With smart locks, homeowners can:
• Keep tabs on who enters or exits the home and when
• Lock or unlock doors remotely
• Secure doors from unauthorized users
Moving can be an exciting milestone in your life. With the right home security equipment, you can create peace of mind as soon as you move in. Contact a reliable security vendor to assist you in evaluating the security of your new home: they’ll help you design a customized system to accommodate your needs.

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